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Sunday, May 1, 2011

May in New Mexico!



by Sara Softich

*Beginning to Advanced Fiddle Lessons

*Old Time, Irish, and Klezmer Fiddling

*Beginning to Intermediate Guitar and Piano Lessons

*No previous musical experience necessary

*Ear training and note reading



*Ages 8 to 105!

For the past 7 years Softich has been a full time music lesson teacher (35 students with a 20 student waiting list) in Duluth, MN. She is a singer songwriter who has toured extensively in the United States as well as Ireland. She has recently relocated permanently in Taos, NM. Call today for rates and more info. 218-349-1482 or sarasfiddle@hotmail.com




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Friday, December 31, 2010

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Highway to the Sun


I almost can't believe my new solo CD, "Highway to the Sun" is finally finished.  I wrote the album in solitude while I was Earthship/cat sitting in Taos, NM last winter (www.heliohouse.com).  I play piano, guitar, fiddle, banjo, hammond organ, bells, and even DRUMS on it!    It was the perfect album to record in a haunted old Catholic church -  a journey CD about living out a dream on the highway between Duluth's beautiful blue lake and New Mexico's intense sun and mountains.

The album layout/designwas done by Danny Cosgrove and it was fancifully hand-screenprinted by Glenn Maloney of the ARMC Moon Robot Screenprinting in Duluth. It was engineered by Eric Swanson at Sacred Heart. 

Interested in an album?  I'm mailing out a limited number of pre-release orders until November 14th.  Also, Yeltzi is taking suggestions of listening rooms, house concerts, colleges, independent films and radio stations to release Highway to the Sun. email me at sarasfiddle@hotmail.com.

 By the end of the week I will have song samples up on the myspace.  And hopefully I'll get this webpage to look a little better.



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Monday, October 25, 2010

Highway to the Sun



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 New Mexico Shows Spring 2011

I have relocated permanently to Taos, New Mexico and it's blazing music and arts scene.  I couldn't leave the sun, mountain and blue sky.  I am sitting in with many bands in Taos as a fiddle player.  These acts include:  Tina and Her Pony, Kim Trieber, Los Nouveaux Aquarians, Lisa Joyce, and the Random Family Band.

May 8th Los Nouveaux Aquarians

Taos Inn

7-10 pm

Playing fiddle with a four piece band with cello, guitars, mandolin, and vocals

May 21 Taos Farmer's Market

9-11 am

Sitting in on fiddle with the lovely Lisa Joyce


May 28 Taos Farmers Market

9-11 am

My songs and me and a lot of veggies!


June 4 Tina and Her Pony

Taos Inn

7-10 pm

I'll be sitting in on fiddle with these fine musicians!  Bad Ass Lady Grass!


June 12 Casa Coyote in Taos

A house concert featuring my songs

Afternoon - time TBA